01. What is uniteNplay?

UniteNplay is a mostly free local classified and forum site specifically for recreation, that has a goal of helping create more active communities.

02. Why use uniteNplay?

Our goal is to be the definitive place to post and find information on events, leagues, sign-ups and anything related to recreation.

03. How to post an ad?

Posting an ad is very simple, just register and select create a ad.

04. How much does it cost to list on the website?

It’s free to list on the site but there are options to pay to have your listing at the top of the list. Pricing for this feature can be found at pricing plans.

05. How do I add my league or team to the website?

Create a new account through the registration process and start posting. www.unitenplay.ca/register/

06. How do I contact the owner of a listing?

At the bottom of each listing there is a contact form that you can fill out and will be sent to the owner of the post.

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