Need Tire Advice!


Hello fellow autoxers!

First of all I'm looking to buy a set of rear C5 Z06 wheels because I hear there is no fitment issues putting them up front and the car already understeers as it is if not giving power when turning at it's limits so I'm hoping that will help. Also wanting to do that so I could rotate my tires. Let my know if that is a bad idea for a reason I don't know about
But onto the part that I REALLY need help on….
I have been running Nitto NT05s for a little over 2 years and already need my third set. I love them for autox and daily driving but it's just getting too expensive for me to be replacing such expensive tires so regularly so I'm looking for something that lasts a little longer without sacrificing too much grip. I've done hours of research on this and the 3 tires that seem to be a good fit for me are the NEW Nitto NT555 G2's, the NEW Firehawk Indy 500's, and the BFG G-force Sport Comp-2's which are all 340 A A. They all have very good reviews but I don't see any reviews from people that autox. That is where I'm hoping you guys could chime in. Does anyone have any experience with any of these tires on the track? I would really appreciate any info you guys could give me because I need to make a decision by Monday but preferably tomorrow.
Please help.

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